Nirbhaya: Fight Back

I am a fighter, not a quitter.


With growing crime rates, it is important for us to plan measureable steps to avoid dangers around us. Empowering each individual to stand up and save themselves from crimes is the need of the hour. Krav Maga is a unique self-defense technique originated and developed in the Israeli Defense Forces. Unlike different martial arts , Krav Maga is based on basic, simple and natural movements of the human body and does not follow any pre-made techniques.

Our Program Lays:

  1. Great emphasis on the importance of engaging the mind, the body and the spirit.
  2. Gender sensitivity, equality in society, woman empowerment and social responsibility.

Corporate Workshops

  1. Krav Maga/Self Defense

    1. Knowledge and technique assessment
    2. Proper voice and posturing techniques
    3. Physical and mental conditioning
    4. Situational and environmental awareness
    5. Critical thinking in stressful situations
    6. Krav Maga Self defense techniques
  2. Gender Sensitivity

    1. The program has been designed to equally benefit both men and women.
    2. In this program, we address the expectations of men from women and vice versa in today's work place and house hold.
    3. Case studies explain the past status of men and women and the evolvement of both the genders through the ages with respect to status in society, responsibility - house hold, professional and behavior towards one another.
  3. First Aid

    Our First Aid Program emphasizes on the importance of knowing how to act quick and be the difference between life and death in case of an emergency and different situations and surroundings where they must react in order to save life, be it other's or their own. Some of the protocols covered in the program are

    1. CPR     2. Fractures     3. Cuts     4. Bruises     5. Burns     6. Bleeding     7. Choking     8. Snake Bites.

Programs for Educational Institutes

  1. Little Spartan

    Our Little Spartan Program is a newly developed safety, self-defense & life skills program designed especially for children of the age group of 3 to 10. The program consists of fun and energetic lessons that improve children's ability to grow physically and mentally by building crucial life skills like coordination, balance, strength, assertiveness and self-confidence.

    In the program, the children will learn to:

    1. Identify and avoid danger.
    2. Use their voice as a protective measure.
    3. Escape to safety.
    4. Understand emergency techniques such as evacuation.
    5. Defend from being touched or hit.
    6. Using their palms, pushes. Punches, knees & kicks.
    7. Rolling and falling safely.
    8. Getting off the ground.
  2. Kravist

    Our Kravist program lays great emphasis on the importance of understanding the crime scenario in India, empowering the participants with hands on techniques to protect themselves from dangerous and tricky situations and improve their levels of self confidence, awareness and "I am a survivor" instinct.

    In the program, the trainees will:

    1. Be able to handle real life and street situations.
      • Prevent molestation, sexual harassment and rape.
      • Prevent kidnap.
    2. Increase their levels of self esteem, assertiveness, discipline, confidence and fitness in each participant
    3. Increased public awareness and improved preventive behaviour based upon scenario-based simulations, environmental awareness & assessment.
  3. Child Abuse Awareness

    1. Our program brings forth the various parameters of child abuse
      • Definition of child abuse and neglect.
      • Statistics and data.
      • Risk and protective factors.
      • Perpetrator the impact on individuals and society and fatalities.
    2. In the program we discuss the characteristics of parents or care givers, children, families and communities that increase risk of abuse or neglect and the ones that protect and support safe growth of children.