Himmat is a Delhi Police's initiative for women safety & security. Himmat app can be downloaded from the Delhi Police website -www.delhipolice.nic.in

The SOS alerts can be raised through following ways -

  • Soft Button Alert
    • Configure an emergency number for SOS SMS alert
  • Shake To Alert
    • Shake the phone 3-5 times to initiate an SOS alert
  • Power Button Alert
    • Press the power button 3-5 times to initiate an SOS alert
  • Other Unique Features of the Himmat App are -
    • Video Recording
    • SMS Alerts for Family and Friends
    • Victims details, location Time Alert on phone and portal
    • Alert on Facebook
  • The mobile app is available free of cost through the HIMMAT link on Delhi Police website and also on Google Play.

When to use it -

Himmat application and service are to be used only when there is a threat to Life and Limb.

How to use it -

  1. Users can download the app - Himmat from Delhi Police website or Google Play
  2. A new user has to register with the Delhi Police website by sharing their name, mobile number and that of two relatives/friends. This would ensure that details of the person in distress are available to the police the moment a distress call is raised.
  3. Once the User registers, the user will get a SMS on mobile number given at the time of registration with a download link and registration key. User has to enter this key in the registration window in the application. This is a one-time process
  4. Apart from the friends/relatives, an SMS alert relating to the distress is sent simultaneously to police control room and senior police officials. This enables a 24x7 watch on alerts by police control room and escalation to senior police officials in case of delayed response.
  5. The SMS alert is also transmitted simultaneously to Police Patrol cars in the area and the local Station House Officer (SHO) using the sophisticated and technologically advanced geo-fencing technique.
  6. During the emergency, using advanced technology, the mobile app captures audio and video from the environment of the person in distress and transmits the same to the police control room. This provides intelligence to the police and also can be used in a court of law to prosecute the offender.
  7. The mobile application has a help section which has details about how to use each section the app, users are requested to follow the instructions there. In case of any difficulty, please write into us as - support email address.
  8. Safety Tips Section to help in times of SOS situation and perform first aid in emergency.

Warning -

False SOS Alerts - In case any user tries to or ends up generating false SOS alerts/ alarms, intentionally/ unintentionally, this will lead to cancellation of the registration after 3 such (False SOS alerts) incidents. The user must report in an email/ to support number, if in case they want to re-register and activate the facility.

Please do not raise false alerts or test alerts, this will ensure proper use of the application and system. Please refrain from any kind of playful act or prank testing with the application. Repetitive False alerts could lead to legal action.